Why Should You Play Cleopatra Slot?

For the answer to this, perhaps you should ask one of the thousands that choose to play this game daily. Ask them why it is that they choose to play Cleopatra slot as opposed to the many other slots out there. I believe that their answer will be that they like the special feature that this game provides, which is attaining the 3 scatters. Once you get 3 scatters, it gives you 15 free spins during which time any win is trebled. This relatively simple but effective feature seems to give initial appeal to players and also seems to give sufficient satisfaction to find them returning time and time again.

The Cleopatra 2 slot, which is almost as equally popular, has a similar free spin feature. This time though it doesn’t have 15 free spins trebling any win; instead it gives you the opportunity to pick how many free spins you get and increases the multiplier with each spin. Although this can make for any one bigger payout, only less often, the popularity is still there.

Since its beginnings this series of Cleopatra based themed slots have caught on with the gamers and now that these two updated versions have been added on line, they are sure to be popular attractions. These on line versions have a better payout than the land based ones as they have a payout on just two scatters, whilst the land based ones don’t. The online slots have the added advantage of being able to give a player plenty of bonuses; online casinos are notoriously competitive and will give free spins, large deposit bonuses and free cash to players who decide to join. No land-based casino can compete with that!

With all these gamers playing these Cleopatra themed slots, perhaps it is time that you gave one a try and see exactly what it is that you missing.