Visit Egypt and Play Cleopatra Slots

play Cleopatra slotsYou don’t have to catch a plane or boat to get a taste of Egyptian life. Mind you, when you play Cleopatra slots it is not today’s Egypt that you get a taste of, it is ancient Egypt. The slot is based on the times of Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. This was a period of Pyramids and Pharaohs, a time of mysticism and magic, an age of wealth and opulence all of which is brought to life in this exciting slot game.

With the exception of perhaps some slots that have progressive jackpots, when you play Cleopatra slot you are playing the most popular slot to date. The mystery with this slot is how it is so popular, is it the intrigue of ancient Egypt or the abundance of free spins that are available, perhaps it is even the exceptional graphics and legendary attraction of Cleopatra herself.

Just as Queen Cleopatra once attained legendary status, so are the slots based on her times. Where ever you choose to play Cleopatra slot, you may well have a choice, as there are two versions currently available; Cleopatra and Cleopatra 2, either one as exciting as the other and both featuring bonuses that have the potential for really big payouts.

If you play Cleopatra slot (the original) and you receive 3 scatter symbols on a winning line, then you gain access to the bonus feature. The bonus feature comprises a massive 15 free spins, all of which will pay three times the win amounts that are normal, allowing those winnings to steadily build up step by step, just like the great Pyramids of Cleopatra’s times.

If on the other hand, you decide to play Cleopatra slot 2, then you will also gain access to the bonus feature by getting 3 scatters on a winning line but this time the bonus feature is different. The bonus feature on Cleopatra 2 slot, allows you to pick the number of free spins that you receive but, as if by magic, the multiplier increases by one after every spin, which means that regardless of how many wins you get along the way, a win at the end of the round will ensure a huge payout.

So take a trip to ancient Egypt and just like an Egyptologist, when you play Cleopatra slot, you may come home with a treasure.