Triple Your Winnings on Cleopatra Slots

cleopatra slotsIt is always good to receive winnings when you are playing slots but it even better if you could win three times as much. It is just this opportunity that is allowed you when you play the Cleopatra slots.

Cleopatra slots are perhaps among the most popular slot games available today and are appreciated by most players as being classics. The series have a couple named by the trademark Cleopatra and also other associated games named Pharaohs but basically they are all entertaining, exciting games that have similar themes based on ancient Egypt and possible winnings worthy of your time.

The theme on these slots is one of ancient Egypt with Pharaohs, Pyramids and of course the legendary Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra. The theme is appropriate for slots, as those times were exciting, mysterious and full of suspense, just as a good slot machine is today.

The combination of these qualities bombarding your senses through the theme of the machine and also by the fast action on the reels of the slot, heighten your awareness and set your adrenalin rushing, for an experience almost as memorable as the great Pyramids. Added to this is the possibility that you could also achieve great winnings. So the reason for the popularity of the Cleopatra slots is clear; the experience of playing the game can rarely be equaled else where and could almost be reward enough. Almost but fortunately the Cleopatra slots also make big winnings possible and so, if so, the experience is one to be long savored.

Bonus Round
As with most slots, the biggest wins can be gotten during the playing of bonus rounds and the Cleopatra slots do not stray from this pattern. It is here in fact, that the Cleopatra slots offer three times the winnings. On the Cleopatra slots, if you attain three scatter symbols on a winning line, during normal play, you will be afforded the opportunity to enter a bonus round. The bonus round on Cleopatra slots consists of 15 free spins. If during the playing of these free spins, you achieve a winning combination on one of your winning lines, you will receive that win but as you are on the bonus round, that win will first be tripled, ensuring that any wins are pleasing.