The Treasures of Cleopatra Slot

cleopatra slotsMost of today’s slots have treasures in the form of big wins that are available but as with any treasure, you have to know where to look in order to find it. With Cleopatra slot, the treasures are hidden in the bonus rounds.

There are currently two versions of Cleopatra slot available; Cleopatra slots and Cleopatra 2 slots. In either one of these slots there are the potential for a treasure of big wins. On either version of the Cleopatra slots, access to the bonus rounds are by having 3 scatter symbols appear on any of your winning lines. Entrance to the bonus round on the original Cleopatra slots, will afford you 15 free spins all of which pay a multiplier of x3 on any winning line. On achieving entrance to the bonus round on the Cleopatra 2 slots, you will be offered the opportunity to pick how many free spins you will get in the round and instead of giving you a multiplier of x3 on all the free spins, the multiplier will increase by one after each spin.

These bonus rounds then can see treasures of winnings grow free spin after free spin. On the original Cleopatra slots bonus round your winnings x3 could ensure a steady flow of big wins, whilst on the Cleopatra 2 bonus round, the wins could still come, perhaps smaller at first but ending with some very impressive gains.

The Cleopatra slots games are proving to be among the most popular slots seen today. They have themes that are based on the life and times of the legendary Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra. Cleopatra lived in a land that had been dominated by Pharaohs, yet she became perhaps the most famous of all the rulers of ancient Egypt and her fame now seems to be rekindling via the modern slot machines.

When you play any of the Cleopatra slots, not only will you have the opportunity to win a treasure of wins but you will also be experiencing a time of ancient mystery and modern excitement, that may be as memorable as Cleopatra herself.