The Sphinx remains Powerful but Silent on these Slots

play cleopatra slotsThese slots are themed on the days when Cleopatra ruled over all the lands of Egypt over which the mighty and powerful sphinx has sat watching for thousands of years. The Cleopatra slots recognize the silent patience of this great monument and so therefore have assigned its symbol great importance on the reels of their slots, it is the scatter symbol.

The slots are of course though, themed on Cleopatra and so her symbol takes on perhaps an even more important role, it is both the wild symbol and the jackpot symbol. As the wild, the Cleopatra symbol can replace any of the other symbols with the exception of the sphinx and by doing so, delivers you more wins than you would have otherwise received plus, on top of that, any win which it is involved in, pays double. As the jackpot symbol, she will pay you 10,000 coins but only if you can get all reels displaying her symbol at the same time.

The scatter symbol is also powerful though and it can provide you with a win 100 times the amount you wagered, just by you getting 2 of them on the reels. It really shows its strength though, when you get 3 or more of them, as then it triggers the bonus round.

The bonus round on these slots has the potential to be very high paying and often is. The round has 15 free spins to award you once you trigger it but the round can be retriggered. By retriggering the round, you will receive another 15 free spins even if you still have some of the other free spins left, it will just add them to those. Obviously if the round can be triggered once it can always be triggered again and again an so the number of free spins that you have can keep on growing until you come to the cut off point for each round but as that cut off isn’t until you have 180 free spins to your credit, it is doubtful that you will mind.

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