Return to the Nile with Cleopatra Slot

The popularity of the slot games is indisputable but the question as to which one is most popular is often asked. However always near the top, if not at the top of anybodies list of favorites, is going to be one or other of the variations of the Cleopatra slots.

There is of course, Cleopatra slot, Cleopatra 2, Cleopatra’s gold and the Pharaoh slot, all of which are popular on their own but added together probably makes these Cleopatra themed slots among the most popular ever.

Visit the Old Nile
Any in these series of Cleopatra slot will take you back in time to ancient Egypt and the beauty of the Nile and the mysteries of the once great civilizations, one of which was led by Cleopatra herself, who took the Egyptians on to perhaps their most famous and wealthiest of times.

Now that the Cleopatra slot is bringing back her name in popularity, perhaps it is you that can perhaps share in the wealth that her name always seems to bring, whilst excitedly tasting the mystery of the ancient Nile, by way of the symbols appearing so clearly on the reels.

Playing the Cleopatra Slot
The popularity of these Themed slots from ancient Egypt probably lies in the free spin features that are on the bonus games of all these slots.

Although each different game features a different bonus round, all of them have as their main characteristic, free spins. These free spins seem to be very popular and on the Cleopatra slot itself, it features 15 free spins each winning spin paying three times the regular win.

The Cleopatra 2 offers you the chance to pick how many free spins you get and then the win multiplier increases with every spin, affording you to perhaps receive bigger wins even if, less often.

The land based games of Cleopatra slot is very popular already but it is expected that the more recently released on-line versions will be even more popular, this is due to the fact that the on-line version has an added payout. The additional payout on the on-line version of Cleopatra slot is for 2 scatters.