Play Cleopatra Slots with Egyptian Mysteries

play cleopatra slotThe lands of ancient Egypt, even today, seem to mystify people and make them dream of what it was like to live in a land that was successfully ruled over by pharaohs for thousands of years. Queen Cleopatra, known as the Queen of the Nile, was the last of these great pharaohs and when you play Cleopatra slots, it is her and her lands that the machines are themed on.

The symbols on the reels portray some of the memorable things from that ancient land, there is the Eye of Horus, a crook, scarab beetles, the enigmatic sphinx and of course the beautiful female pharaoh, Queen Cleopatra herself.

The Sphinx
The sphinx has stood silently looking over the lands of Egypt for thousands of years and it is this great monument that can bring you some amazing wins. The sphinx symbol is the scatter symbol and so although it can earn you a win when you get two of its symbols on the reels; it can earn you entry into the bonus round if you get three or more of them.

Bonus Round
Although most slot machines have a bonus round, the bonus round on these slots are perhaps unique. They are not unique because of the 15 free spins that they award you, nor are they unique because they will pay triple the amount for any wins but they are perhaps unique because the round can be retriggered. As the round is able to be retriggered, it means that although it may start with just 15 free spins, that may not be all the free spins that you get to play before the round is over, in fact, you could play as many as 180 free spins before the round is actually finished.

As Cleopatra is the Queen of the Nile, she would not allow any symbol to steal her limelight, even if it is the sphinx and so her symbol is the wild symbol and when it replaces another symbol to make a win, that win is doubled. To ensure that her symbol really shines though, getting 5 of them will earn you an incredible 10,000 coins.

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