Play Cleopatra Slots in the Sun and Sand

cleopatra slotsThese slots create an atmosphere that you are in the sand under the hot sun of ancient Egypt. The slots are based on the legendary Cleopatra, who as the Queen of the Nile was well used to the scorching sun and sands and so understandably, when you play Cleopatra slots, the producers want to try and create an atmosphere that would be reminiscent of this great lady.

Her rule over Egypt came close to the end of the great Egyptian Empire that was successfully ruled over by pharaohs for over 3,000 years. During all those years Egypt acquired a great name for mysticism and excitement and also gained unbelievable wealth. You would therefore be forgiven for thinking that if you play Cleopatra slots you may obtain some of those legendary riches and you won’t be disappointed. When you play Cleopatra slots there are a wealth of opportunities for you to leave with a slice of those riches.

Cleopatra Slots
When you play Cleopatra slots you will see that as symbols on the reel s are not just objects that promote the sunny, sandy environment but there are also symbols that represent the legends of ancient Egypt; Cleopatra, Pyramids and the Sphinx.

As you play Cleopatra slots, her soothing voice can be heard on the soundtrack encouraging you along and to assist you in winning, her symbol is the wild, which if it appears in a winning combination, the win will pay double. The Sphinx has stood unflinching in the Egyptian sands for thousands of years and it too now assists you in taking home some wealth. As the scatter symbol on the reels, if you get three or more Sphinx symbols on a winning line you can earn a bonus round. When you play Cleopatra slots and reach this Sphinx inspired bonus round, you will receive 15 free spins with a multiplier of x3 but as this round is able to be re-triggered, you could actually play as many as 180 free spins.

Cleopatra though, the great Queen that she was, is not to be out done when you play Cleopatra slots and so if you get 5 of her symbols on a winning line, you will win 10,000 coins, which certainly is a reasonable slice of that ancient Egyptian wealth.

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