Play Cleopatra Slots and Rule the Nile

Whilst playing any of these Cleopatra themed games, you may feel like you are by her side on the beautiful banks of the River Nile in Ancient Egypt. By the ancient and mysterious symbols on the reels, when you play Cleopatra slots, you will think you have traveled through a star gate and joined the times of Pharaohs and Pyramids.

Although your feet may not have moved, your mind would have been transferred to a time of excitement and mystery. A time that just like ancient Egypt, will be etched in memories for perhaps eternity.

Playing slots is, at any time, an exciting and thrilling experience but adding to that the mysteries of ancient Egypt, builds the tension to a crescendo as you play the bonus features.

Play Cleopatra Slot
It is perhaps the setting of ancient Egypt that makes these games so popular but many believe that it may also be due to the excitement of the free spin bonuses, that each of the series of games features, that adds to this particular series of games popularity.

Whether true or not, when you play Cleopatra slot you will soon find yourself eagerly awaiting the opportunity to receive a bonus round with its winning free spins. These free spins continuing to take your credits higher, whilst you spend nothing, allowing you to bask in the riches of the Nile in all its ancient splendor.

Bonus Features
When you play Cleopatra slot, the main game in this series, you can get the opportunity to play a bonus round that features an astounding 15 free spins. Each of these free spins will pay treble the usual on any winning line, allowing your credits to follow in the lines of the Pyramids and step by step reach great heights.

Whilst playing the sister game Cleopatra 2, you may not get as many free spins but free spins you will get. In this bonus round you are given a chance to pick how many free spins you receive for the round but mysteriously, with every spin the win multiplier rises. So this may also take you to the heights of the Pyramids but in fewer steps than when you play Cleopatra slot.