Play Cleopatra Slots and Build a Pyramid

play cleopatra slotsThe great Pyramids of Egypt stood as the tallest man made objects for thousands of years and even today are ranked as being tall. The Pyramids were built layer by layer until they reached their pinnacle and when you play Cleopatra slots; that is the way your wins build, layer by layer, till hopefully they acquire great heights that will remain, in your mind, legendary.

When you play Cleopatra slots, you are just one of many that are making the Cleopatra series of slots the most popular. There are several in the series, Cleopatra, Cleopatra 2 and Pharaohs each of which is popular but combined possibly exceed all others.

Cleopatra Slots
When you play Cleopatra slots, regardless of which particular one, your mind is sent across time and space, to a realm that until Cleopatra, was dominated by Pharaohs. To a land made fertile by the great River Nile and to a time when the Pyramids dominated, not just the skyline but also people’s minds as being the entrances to an after life.

This atmosphere dominated by Pharaohs, Cleopatra and Pyramids when you play Cleopatra slots, heightens your senses, arouses the sense of suspense and builds an excitement rarely replicated. You are set and ready to receive those legendary wins.

Bonus Rounds
The bonus round that you play will depend on which in the series of Cleopatra slots you play. Play Cleopatra slots, the original, and your bonus round will consist of 15 free spins and on each of these spins, if you receive a win, the winning amount will be three times that on regular play. This allows your winnings to increase by large steps, forever upward until the round is finished.

The bonus round when you play Cleopatra 2 slot, is slightly different but is equally capable of awarding wins worthy of remembrance. In this round the number of free spins is not pre-determined but what is, is the fact that after every spin the multiplier for the wins is increased, perhaps making the first wins a little smaller but the last wins could be way, way bigger.

When you play Cleopatra slots, be prepared to not only have a memorable experience but also, hopefully, a memorable win.