Play Cleopatra Slot with a Wealth of Free Spins

cleopatra slotsIt isn’t unusual for a slot machine to have free spins but this one is unusual in so far as it can award you 180. When you play Cleopatra slot and manage to trigger the bonus round, you will be awarded 15 free spins but as this round is able to be retriggered, the number of free spins that you could acquire could potentially be endless however, as this is so easy to do, a limit of 180 free spins has been set, per bonus round.

The Sphinx
The sphinx symbol on this slot machine is the scatter symbol and it is by getting 3 or more of these showing on the reels that will trigger the bonus round during which time, all wins are trebled. If you are unfortunate enough to only get 2 of the scatter symbols showing on the reels, it is still possible to get up to 100 times your bet on that spin.

Although the sphinx has stood proudly over Egypt for thousands of years and so plays a major role on this slot machine, the theme of the machine is Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile and last of the pharaohs and so it is her symbol that plays the major role. There are of course other symbols on the reels that depict ancient Egypt, like the scarab beetle, the eye of Horus and the crook but it is the Cleopatra symbol which is the wild. As the wild, if the Cleopatra symbol creates a win, that win will be paid double its usual amount but if you are able to get 5 of the Cleopatra symbols showing on the reels, you will win an astounding 10,000 coins.

Cleopatra Slot
There is little doubt that this slot machine, based on ancient Egypt and its queen, possesses some of the excitement and suspense that that time and place had and it is possibly this mystery and excitement that has caused this slot machine to gain so much popularity, plus of course the 180 free spins and the 10,000 coin jackpot.

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