Play Cleopatra Slot and Rule the Reels

cleopatra slotsLegend has it that Cleopatra was a woman of great beauty, that as men looked at her they felt like falling in love and that it was this great attraction that man had towards her, that led her, not to be defeated by the great Roman Empire but to become part of it. That is the legend but the facts do tell us that she was the Queen of the Nile and in times where previously Pharaohs had led Egypt to its times of glory Cleopatra too, was able to bring great things to the nation. When you play Cleopatra slot, this atmosphere of being able to attain great things, fills your senses as you await great wins of your own.

When you play Cleopatra slot, you see symbols on the reels that keep her close to your thoughts and every aspect of the game is reminiscent of ancient Egypt, lifting your sense of presence far across space and time. The mysteries of ancient Egypt confuse you, the giant Pyramids amaze you and the magnificence of Cleopatra astound you. You feel that your will can be done and you concentrate on the reels, that they may lead you to the bonus round.

Bonus Round
As your will had instructed, you will soon reach the bonus round and when you play Cleopatra slot, that round consists of an amazing 15 free spins, certainly a reward worthy of an ancient Egyptian Queen. The royal offering does not stop there though, for every win that is received, a payment of three times the standard will be awarded, ensuring that as long as your concentration and will stay strong, you end up after the round, with winnings almost as big as your imagination.

Play Cleopatra Slot
For those that play Cleopatra slot, it is almost as if they become hypnotized by this ancient Egyptian beauty, for they keep returning time and time again, making the Cleopatra series of slots among the most popular games available.
If you don’t believe in the mystical powers of beauty or the magic of ancient Egypt, then I guess that the people who play Cleopatra slot keep returning because of the great winnings they can achieve.