Play Cleopatra Slot and Get Free Spins

Probably the main bonus about playing the Cleopatra series of slots is the free spins that all the games afford you. When you play Cleopatra slot bonus features always include numerous free spins, a factor that has made this one of the most popular series of slot ever, with fans playing them in almost alarming numbers.

Although all the games in the series give plenty of free spins, the way in which they give them varies. When you play Cleopatra slot, you are awarded 15 free spins with a multiplier of three but in Cleopatra 2, you get to pick the number of free spins and the multiplier goes up by one after each free spin. The excitement level on both is the same and the final amount of winnings may be the same but how you get there is different. By you play Cleopatra slot, you may get wins more often, where as when you play Cleopatra 2 your wins could be less frequent but when they do come they are bigger. This means that even when you feel like a change when playing one in the series of Cleopatra slot, you can go to another in the series for that little bit of change, yet still get the free spins.

As you may have guessed, the Cleopatra slot series are based on the legendary beauty and Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra. So with the reels filled with symbols reminiscent of those times and an all round atmosphere from the times of ancient Egypt, when you play Cleopatra slot, you are enveloped in the feeling that you are there among the great Pyramids in a time that was drenched in intrigue, suspense and excitement. It is these same feelings of excitement, edged with suspense and intrigue that when you play Cleopatra slot, will grab you and entice you towards the free spins and the treasures of ancient Egypt.

Unlike the Pyramids and the mysteries of those ancient times, have held man spellbound for thousands of years by reasons unknown, the draw when you play Cleopatra slot is clear, the free spins and promises of wealth and excitement.