Mysteries of the Cleopatra Slots

cleopatra slotsAncient Egypt on the banks of the River Nile, in the times of Cleopatra, was filled with mystery, excitement and suspense. When playing Cleopatra slots, you are invited to join in on these incredible sensations. The series Cleopatra slots are all filled with symbols depicting different aspects of those times, creating an atmosphere similar to what any Egyptologist must feel when first discovering a Mummy or finding a new tomb entrance.

For the Egyptologist the attraction is the fame and the possibility of learning new wonders but for the players of Cleopatra slots, the attraction is the free spins and the wealth they can supply.

Free Spins
The series of Cleopatra slots has quickly become probably one of the most popular slots of all time, except for the slots that have progressive jackpots, which is understandable. This popularity though, is not an ancient mystery or part of some old prophecy from the Pyramids nor is it linked to a Mummy’s curse, the popularity of Cleopatra slots is due to its abundance of free spins offered during the bonus rounds.

On the original Cleopatra slots, you are awarded an opportunity to get three times the regular win amounts during an amazing 15 free spins. Although the Cleopatra 2 slots have a variant from this, it is equally exciting. On the Cleopatra 2 slots you can get to decide how many free spins will be featured for a round where, after each of the free spins, the multiplier goes up by one, creating the chance to attain wins of great value. Whilst the original Cleopatra slots may not have wins as big as the Cleopatra 2 slots, the wins there are, are more regular and so; just as the Great Pyramid attains a great height one step at a time, so do your winnings on the Cleopatra slots.

When you play the Cleopatra slots, although the suspense and excitement are still there, at least one of the mysteries has been solved. That is the one as to why the Cleopatra slots, have attained such popularity in such a relatively short space of time and it is nothing to do with ancient wonders.