Go Back in Time and Play Cleopatra Slots

For thousands of years, ancient Egypt has featured high in man’s imagination. The mystery, the timeless elegance and the Pyramids, all capture our minds and conjure up a time of outstanding wealth and an almost magical sense of mystery. This is an atmosphere that captures your senses and when you play Cleopatra slots, it is that atmosphere that takes over your very being.

All the symbols on this slot are of things from ancient Egypt, reawakening your mind to what life may have been like then.

To play Cleopatra slots is to take your excitement level to a new high, the excitement conjured up by the mysteries of ancient Egypt, combined with the excitement of a thrilling slot, capture your attention like few other things can do.

Just when you think that your excitement is at a peak, you achieve a bonus round. Your excitement almost reaches a fever pitch as you watch the reels spin during the astounding 15 free spins. Your mind boggling as the credits mount up because each win during this bonus pays treble the regular win.

The Cleopatra series of games (Cleopatra and Cleopatra 2) are certainly entertaining, as their level of popularity undoubtedly shows but just as ancient Egypt is full of mysteries, when you play Cleopatra slots, the mystery remains: Is it the attraction of ancient Egypt that keeps drawing you back to this particular game or is it the almost certainty that you will once again be taken to a free round bonus.

The Cleopatra 2 game is just as equally popular as the original, however the bonus round differs from the one when you play Cleopatra slot, the original.

In the second version you still receive the popular free spins as in the first but unlike the 15 free spins with any win paying treble on the original slot, playing the second one, you get to pick the number of free spins you get and the multiplier increases by one after each free spin. The way that the bonus rounds are played, the second game provides for higher wins but they are not as frequent as they are when you play Cleopatra slot, the original.