Free Spinning Cleopatra Slot

Cleopatra lived in the age of the Great Egyptian kingdom, in a time of Pyramids and Pharaohs in a land of wonder and beauty. Known as the Queen of the Nile, she was the undisputed ruler of the great country of Egypt in a time of mysticism, suspense and excitement and it is this atmosphere that the Cleopatra slot strives to provide.

The symbols on this 5 reel slot are reminders of that great lost age when Gods were said to walk among men and unknown excitement was around every curve.

With the exciting atmosphere that is created, added to the excitement of the Cleopatra slot itself, this game and its sister game Cleopatra 2, have become very popular among the slot enthusiasts. Some say though, that it isn’t the exoticism of ancient Egypt that makes them return to Cleopatra slot time and time again, they say it is the allure of the free spin bonus feature that the slot provides.

Although there can be no doubt that the atmosphere of ancient Egypt is attractive, the pulling power of the Cleopatra slot exciting free spin feature is equally present.

So what is it that can have as much appeal as the beautiful Queen of the Nile?

The bonus round once attained, on either of the Cleopatra slot is very impressive. On the original Cleopatra slot it consists of 15 free spins all or any of which can payout wins three times that of the same win on regular play, this means that high paying spins for the whole 15 free spin feature can result in you acquiring a very healthy credit total.

Not to be outdone though, the Cleopatra 2 has perhaps an equally impressive bonus round. On this slot, having attained the bonus round, you can decide the number of free spins that you are awarded and after every spin, the winnings multiplier is increased. That means that by the reels producing a win on the last spin of this round, the multiplier will be of such an amount as to almost guarantee a high pay out.

Many have said that the original Cleopatra slot pays out more often on its bonus round than the Cleopatra 2 but when Cleopatra 2 does pay, it certainly is worth while.