Explore Ancient Mysteries on Cleopatra Slot

play cleopatra slotsThis slot machine tries to share some of the ancient mysticism associated with ancient Egypt in a time when the beautiful Queen Cleopatra ruled over the country and was known as the Great Queen of the Nile. These were exciting and mysterious times, something that the Cleopatra slot, which is based on Egypt at this time, has tried to reproduce and share with slot enthusiasts.

As the Cleopatra Slot is based on Ancient Egypt, through the use of some magnificent graphics, it tries to transport you to land of sand and sun where the skyline always seems to be dominated by pyramids or the unflinching Sphinx. To further remind you of the setting, the symbols on the Cleopatra Slot are of objects from that period or location, such as scarab beetles, the Eye of Horus, hieroglyphics, the Sphinx and of course the Queen herself, Cleopatra.

Both Ancient Egypt and Cleopatra were famous for their wealth and so you can be forgiven for wondering if, through the reels of the Cleopatra Slot, they may share with you some of that wealth and perhaps to little bit of surprise to you they do, or at least provide the potential for you to win it.

The massive, unusual monument of the Sphinx has presided over the people of Egypt for thousands of years and on the Cleopatra Slot, it presides over some of the higher paying wins. As the scatter symbol on the reels of the Cleopatra Slot, acquiring two or more of the Sphinx symbols on the reels will earn you some very healthy multipliers and getting 3 or more of them on the reels can trigger a bonus round. The bonus round on Cleopatra Slot that is triggered by the Sphinx consists of 15 free spins but as this bonus can be re-triggered, the final count for the amount of free spins played in this round, could be as much as 180.

Cleopatra though, as Queen of the Nile, will not be upstaged by anything including the Sphinx, especially on the Cleopatra Slot and so the biggest win will be awarded for getting 5 Cleopatra symbols on the reels and that win will certainly take a chunk out of their wealth as it is 10,000 times the amount that you bet.

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