Enjoy some of the Wealth of Ancient Egypt

cleopatra slotsOn this slot machine you get the opportunity to enjoy some of the wealth that ancient Egypt is famous for having. Ancient Egypt was ruled over by pharaohs for thousands of years, ending with the rule of Queen Cleopatra and in those years it was able to amass a vast wealth and now, on the Cleopatra slot machine, you can finally get to share in some of that wealth.

Whilst you play this slot machine, Cleopatra herself can be heard on the sound track, coaching you towards the wins but that isn’t the only way in which she helps you. Cleopatra is one of the symbols on the reels and it is her symbol which is the wild and so, with the exception of the sphinx’s symbol, can replace any of the other symbols in order to make you a win an when she does, the win pays double. Her symbol is also the jackpot symbol and so if you can get 5 of them at the same time, you can win as much as 10,000 coins with just one spin.

The mighty sphinx sat silent over Egypt for many of the pharaohs reigns but here joins Cleopatra in trying to let you take away some of ancient Egypt’s great wealth. Its symbol is the scatter and so can b ring you some great wins, like 100 times your wager if you get 2 of the symbols but best of all, it can trigger the bonus round if you get 3 or more.

The bonus round on this slot awards 15 free spins which is a lot when you consider that any win you get during them will be tripled, except of course for the jackpot. However the sphinx thinks that 15 free spins may not be enough and so it allows for its bonus round to be retriggered which means, the number of free spins you could receive for the round, may be as high as 180, unless of course you reach the maximum pay-out for the round first, which is 250,000 coins.

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