Cleopatra vs the Queen

For a long time Cleopatra has reigned as the coolest Queen we can think of, but with the Diamond Jubilee having passed a year ago or so, many have been claiming that our current Monarch may be a little more worthy of the title.
Now of course we disagree as passionate fans of both Cleo and the Cleopatra Slot, but then again many would suspect that we may have a slight bias towards her … Namely since our entire site is dedicated to her game. So to create a valid argument, we’ve listed just a couple of reasons down why we think we’ve got it nailed and current Queeny is second best.

1) Cleopatra ruled in a time when women were not classed as equals and still held her own when it came to law and order. Our current monarch has slightly better circumstances with equality now being preached more freely.

2) Cleopatra knew was very well educated for her time and knew many languages including the rarely spoken Ancient Egyptian – our current queen definitely doesn’t know that!

3) She had a string of famous lovers including Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony … Elizabeth II is rather plain in comparison

4) She committed suicide by snake which is pretty cool … We can’t see Elizabeth II dying to anything but old age or her son Charles and wife Camilla smothering her with a pillow after they get fed up of waiting too long.

5) She has slot machines named after her! I don’t see our current Monarch ruling the online slot world … Which clearly is a big deal considering that we are, after all, fans of online slot machines.

So there you have it … Concrete proof, or some sort of proof, that Cleopatra is much more worthy of her royal title than our current queen. So pay her respects and check out her slot machines today – good luck!