Cleopatra Slots & the Clones That Can’t Steal the Crown

A recent poll indicated that Microgaming make the best slots online, however we’d beg to differ, because IGT have come up with Cleopatra slots, the jewel in the slot machines crown.

If it wasn’t for Cleopatra slots, there would be no Cleopatra II or Cleopatra MegaJackpot for that matter, there would be no Cleopatra’s Coins or Queen of the Nile. Simply put the world of slot machines changed irrevocably when the first Cleopatra slot game landed, spawning countless imitations and pretenders to the throne.

The sheer variety of Cleopatra slot games that have been created, all wanting a bit of the original games magic to rub off them is frankly astonishing. If there was an award for the slot game which has spawned the most imitations, Cleopatra slot would win hands down. It’s a surprise it doesn’t have its very own Cleopatra slot VIP section, just for players who play this awesome game, because I’ve never felt the desire to play anything else other than this incredible slot game.

Everything about Cleopatra drips style; from the graphics to the sound effects, to the original artwork and symbols that spin round with every push of the button. If only all slot games were made to such a high standard and that’s not even mentioning how much money you could win playing this game!