Cleopatra Slots have Ancient Mysticism

Cleopatra slot machineAncient Egypt was ruled over by pharaohs for thousands of years and the mysteries surrounding those times are profound and seemingly limitless. The Cleopatra slots are themed on that ancient land and more particular, the last of the great pharaohs, Cleopatra, the legendary beauty who was known as the Queen of the Nile. To place you in the right atmosphere and setting, the Queen herself talks you through the game and the symbols on the reels depict things from those times, there is the Eye of Horus, scarab beetles, pyramids, the sphinx and of course the beauty herself, Cleopatra.

Now, as then, Cleopatra’s presence is certainly felt as her symbol on the reels is the wild symbol. As the wild symbol Cleopatra can replace any other symbol on the reels except for that of the magnificent sphinx. By replacing other symbols, Cleopatra can assist you finding wins and when she does, those wins will pay double. Cleopatra, as usual, wants to leave a big impression on your mind though and so she hopes you can get 5 of her symbols showing on the reels at the same time. If you succeed in doing this, it is unlikely that you will very soon forget her as you will win an incredible 10,000 coins.

The Sphinx
The magnificent sphinx has stood over Egypt for thousands of years and has seen many pharaohs come and go. The full mysteries of this magnificent monument are still not truly known but its symbols can lead you to a somewhat unique bonus round. Get three or more of the sphinx symbols on the reels and you trigger a bonus round. By having 15 free spins where any win pays three times the usual amount the round isn’t particularly unique but by allowing it to be retriggered, starts to make it so but then to let it continuously be retriggered until you can get as many as 180 free spins from just the one bonus round, surely makes it so. The only win that won’t pay three times the usual is if you are able to get the 5 Cleopatra symbols on the reels.

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