Cleopatra Slots Feature the Sphinx

Cleopatra slotThe Sphinx has stood majestic, looking over Egypt and the lands of the Nile for thousands of years and so it is only fitting that it features as prominently on a slot machine based on ancient Egypt as it did at the time. The Cleopatra slots are based on this Queen of the Nile and the wealth of land over which she ruled. Although the time of her reign was a couple of thousand years ago, the sphinx by that time had already been standing guard over Egypt for a thousand years.

In order to keep the Cleopatra Slots true to their theme, the symbols on the reels include Cleopatra, the Sphinx, scarab beetles and other objects dominant in that period. Also, to create an atmosphere suited to the theme, excellent special effects have been used and the soundtrack includes, subtle and gentle verbal coaching from the beautiful Queen herself.

Wealth of Ancient Egypt
The rule of pharaohs over the Egyptian Empire lasted for thousands of years and during that period, they were able to amass a vast wealth, one to which Queen Cleopatra had Access and so it only fare to assume that the Cleopatra Slots can pay large sums as winnings. This is something in which the Cleopatra Slots do not disappoint as they have some potentially great paying wins.

The Cleopatra symbol is the wild and can replace any other symbol on the reels, whilst the Sphinx symbol is the scatter. If you attain two scatter symbols on the reels, you can win up to 100 times your original bet and by getting three or more of these mighty Sphinx symbols can earn you entry to the bonus round. The bonus round, triggered by the Sphinx consists of 15 free spins and every win during the playing of these free spins, pays three times the usual amount, except if you get five Cleopatra symbols. This bonus round is able to be retriggered up to an amount of 180 free spins. Five Cleopatra symbols are not paid triple during the bonus round because on the Cleopatra Slots, the five symbols alone will win you an amazing 10,000 coins.

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