Cleopatra Slots: an Ancient Experience

cleopatra slotsWhen you play these slots it is almost like a trip back in history to a time when the pyramids and sphinx stood over an empire that was rich in excitement, suspense and wealth and as a verbal guide on this trip, is no other than the Queen of the Nile herself Cleopatra. The Cleopatra slots are based on this legendary Queen who ruled over all the lands of ancient Egypt and under the sand burning sun would dictate all aspects of life.

Cleopatra Slots
In tribute to this great Queen and to further enhance the experience, the symbols on the reels are of Cleopatra, the sphinx and the pyramids. The reels on the Cleopatra slots will spin to reveal what ancient mystery awaits you and will leave you in suspense as to whether or not you will be the recipient of any of that ancient wealth.

Ancient Wealth
Queen Cleopatra was known though for her generosity and she herself will willingly give up some of her wealth and all you have to do to be a recipient of this wealth, is attain five of her symbols on the reel s, showing at the same time. Once you accomplish this on the Cleopatra slots, the Queen will reward you with a payout of 10,000 coins.

The Sphinx that stood serene long before the time of Queen Cleopatra and still stands today, as serene and majestic as ever, will not let you leave this ancient scene without it too leaving an impression on you and so, as the scatter symbol on the Cleopatra Slots it too can award you some of the ancient wealth.

If you receive two of the sphinx symbols on the reels, you can be awarded wins that are equivalent to up to 100 times that of the amount that you bet. Also if you receive three or more of these sphinx symbols on the Cleopatra slots, you can gain entry to the bonus round. The bonus round on Cleopatra slots consists of 15 free spins and a multiplier of x3 but to allow you to receive even more of the wealth, the sphinx bonus round can be re-triggered to award a total of 180 free spins.