Cleopatra Slot Keeps Me Cool in the Summer

When the sun is shining like it is and the temperature is in excess of 30 degrees, what better way than to spend the days indoors playing Cleopatra slot!

Think about it, nice and cool, cold drink whenever you want it, no Hay Fever, no headaches, it makes me wonder why anyone bothers leaving their house in the first place! But seriously after going out and spending a bit of time out in the sun, you’ll understand why being indoors seems so much nicer. Plus when you play Cleopatra you might get very lucky and hit the Mega Jackpot or a big win the likes of which will have you on the next plane out of here and heading for the Bahamas.

Even when you’re in the Bahamas there’s no reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself to some Cleopatra free spins like you used to enjoy in the old days, who knows you might even hit a big win again!

Now that I’m firmly back in reality and realize that I’m sitting in my office playing Cleopatra, I think it’s time to give you guys a shot at the MegaJackpot before I get any more excited.

Remember to check back next week to see what else lies in store!