Cleopatra Slot Games and Their Enormous Success

Have you ever stopped to wonder what is the most popular slot game out there? Well there are plenty of games which are vying for the crown, however one game stands head and shoulder above the rest. It is of course, Cleopatra slot. Recent results show that Cleopatra has had one of the strongest followings of any slot machine ever invented and is still one of the most searched for slot games online.

So just what is the secret of Cleopatra’s success? Could it be something to do with the luck of the Pharaohs or is it altogether a much more mundane reason? Well Cleopatra has always been one of the most successful offline slot machines and it’s huge popularity in Vegas lead to it being turned into an online slot. This in turn lead to other Cleopatra slot games being created, all attempting to cash in on the popularity of the initial Cleopatra, with varying degrees of success.

In my own opinion, I think the reason why Cleopatra is so incredibly successful is because of the context. There’s a certain glamour and mystery which surrounds the the time of the Ancient Egyptians, especially the reign of Cleopatra which was immortalized in Elizabeth Taylor’s film of her. Vegas also has always borrowed from ancient civilizations, from the Greeks to the Romans to the Egyptians, many of their casinos are themed entirely around these magnificent civilizations. So let’s raise a toast to the time of the Pharaohs and let’s hope you strike it lucky playing the reels of Cleo!