Cleopatra Makes a Name for Herself Yet Again

From Queen of Egypt to Queen of the slots, Cleopatra is making a name for herself as one of the most played slot machines of all time. Both offline and online, players have been flocking to her around the world and it is easy to understand why.

The thing about the Cleopatra slot is that no matter whether you are looking for top graphics, fast-paced entertainment, huge payouts or unrivaled jackpots, there is something for everyone.

Egyptian-themed slots aren’t exactly scarce in the industry, so it takes a lot for individual ones to stand out and get recognised, which is why it is even more amazing that Cleopatra has not only come out on top, but has done so in such a tremendous fashion that it is actually the most searched ‘individual slot machine’ on Google! That’s right – with a tremendous five-figure search number per month of people looking to find the Queen of the Nile and her super slot, it seems that nothing can catch it.

Some of you may still be asking why you should even bother to check it out … after all, isn’t it just another flashy slot machine with different colours and different pictures? Well to a degree that’s true about every slot in the world, but the thing about the Cleopatra Slot franchise is that it is so much more than just ‘another slot.’ The game itself doesn’t need the TV advertising campaigns and mass-marketing that others do … in fact the slot is so lucrative in terms of what it has to offer to players from its massive payouts to unique graphics and game play, that to call it another typical ‘online slot’ would be almost sacrilege.

Regardless of whether this blog has inspired you to give it a go or whether you remain as unconvinced as before, Cleopatra Slot will take a lot to knock it off the number 1 spot but we look forward to watching others attempt to do so (and fail miserably!). In the meantime feel free to read more of our blogs and of course … check out the game itself and let us know whether you think it truly is the unrivaled number 1 choice for online slots.