Cleopatra and the Snake

For over two millennia, the death of Cleopatra has been accredited to a poisonous snake bite, however experts at the University of Manchester are now claiming this to be an almost impossible feat as it carries not one but two noteworthy contradictions.
While Queen Cleopatra may have been immortalised in our favourite Cleopatra Slot, her death in reality may know be forever re-cast as just a fairytale. The theory of the asp or cobra killing her was refuted since the story tells of three fatal bites to both the Queen and her maids, and experts are stating that firstly, hiding a snake big enough to have inflicted that much damage would have been near-impossible. They then continue to say that if such a snake had managed to be concealed inside a basket, that the chances of three fatal bites in quick succession is unheard of, with only 10% of bites carrying venom and any subsequent reaction leading to a slow and preventable death through necrosis. It is known that 90% or more of the bites are venom-free as snakes generally conserve their supply for hunting.
So is this revision of the story likely to have experts searching for different answers anytime soon? It seems unlikely with neither an eyewitness nor physical evidence to examine for different theories, but that won’t stop historians speculating we are sure. In the meantime, whether an asp killed Cleopatra or it was a rogue flying saucer that led to the demise of the infamous Cleopatra, she will still live on in the most popular online slot around – our Cleopatra Slot machine.
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