Be the Recipient of a Mystery on this Slot

Cleopatra slot machineSome people think that there is a mystery on this slot machine but if you receive what the mystery can award, you will learn the answer. Some people consider it a mystery how the Cleopatra slot machine can have a bonus round that can pay more than the jackpot, after all, a jackpot is supposed to be a jackpot. The answer is actually quite simple, although the jackpot is still a jackpot and on this slot can pay 10,000 coins, the accumulation of wins, including any jackpot wins, obtained during the free spins of the bonus round, can be as high as 250,000 coins.

Perhaps a little mystery was intended as this slot machine is themed on the mysterious times of ancient Egypt during a period when it was ruled over by a female pharaoh, Queen Cleopatra. Cleopatra was the last of the great pharaohs who successfully ruled over Egypt for thousands of years and as well as being known as a pharaoh, Cleopatra is legendary for her beauty as well as wealth. Often referred to as the Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra ruled over a land that was full of mystery and excitement, elements that have successfully been recreated on this slot machine for your enjoyment and as a way of amassing some of that legendary wealth for yourself.

The symbols on the reels are befitting to the theme and consist of some that represent the Eye of Horus and the golden crook, both carried by the pharaohs as signs of their power. Other symbols are of the sphinx, a ageless example to the might of Egypt and of Cleopatra in all her beauty. Of these symbols it is Cleopatra that is both the jackpot symbol and the wild but even as the wild she cannot dominate the sphinx that has seen many pharaohs come and go, as the sphinx is the scatter symbol and as such can trigger the high paying bonus round which although starts small with 15 free spins, by being retriggered could grow to become 180.

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