Ancient Egypt’s Popularity still spreads on these Slots

cleopatra slotsFascination of ancient Egypt with all its mystery and suspense has always been a popular subject among the curious and inquisitive but now that popularity is reaching many more since the introduction of these slots. The Cleopatra slots are all about ancient Egypt and in particular the reign of Cleopatra, the last great pharaoh and ruler of all Egypt. Known as the queen of the Nile, her beauty is legendary and her lavish life style one that tried to be replicated by many a billionaire but there will only ever be one true queen of the Nile.

Egypt was successfully ruled over by pharaohs for over 5 thousand years and in that time the tales of mysteries and excitement are famous if not yet fully understood, yet some of that mystery and excitement is captured in these exciting and mysterious slot machines. They are mysterious in how their popularity continues to grow even though new, more advances slots have since been introduced and they are exciting in that they seemingly create an atmosphere of ancient mysticism.

Their popularity could of course just be because the jackpot pay-out is huge if you can get 5 of the Cleopatra symbols on the reels at the same time. Or, because the bonus round can also be a tremendous source of wins but that only adds to the mystery as other slots can be almost as lucrative.

As well as being the symbol that triggers the jackpot when there are 5 of them, the Cleopatra symbol is also the wild symbol and so can assist you in getting other wins by taking the place of almost any other symbol to create winning combinations and when she does; her dulcet tones can be heard on the soundtrack urging you on to still more wins.

The majestic sphinx has stood guard over Egypt for thousands of years and its symbol will not be replaced, not even by Cleopatra but getting two of them can bring you a win anyway and 3 or more will trigger the bonus round.

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